EC Declaration of Conformity (DoC)

We herewith declare that our products meet the provisions of the following European Committee Council Directives and Standards. All supporting documentation are retained under the promises of the manufacturer.

Each Declaration of Conformity is valid in connection with the shipping inspection reports for the respective batch of produced devices.

Blood pressure monitors
HBP-1120-E, HBP-1320-E, HEM-907-E, HEM-6121-D, HEM-6121-E, HEM-6130-D, HEM-6130-E, HEM-6160-E, HEM-6161-D, HEM-6161-E, HEM-6161T-D, HEM-6161T-E, HEM-6181-D, HEM-6181-E, HEM-6232T-D, HEM-6232T-E, HEM-6411T-MAE, HEM-7120-E, HEM-7121-D, HEM-7121-E, HEM-7131-D, HEM-7131-E, HEM-7134-D, HEM-7134-E, HEM-7280T-D, HEM-7280T-E, HEM-7321-D, HEM-7321-E, HEM-7322T-D, HEM-7322T-E, HEM-7600T-E, HEM-9601T-E, HEM-9601T-E3

Blood pressure monitor accessories
HEM-CUCV-01, HEM-FL31-E, HEM-RML31-E, 3094298-6, 9513255-8 (HEM-RXL31-E), 9513256-6, 9515336-9 (HEM-ACW5-E), 9515373-3 (HEM-CS24), 9520534-2 (HEM-RML30-E), 9956685-4 (HEM-E08), 9983666-5 (HEM-AC-O)

NE-C102-D, NE-C102-E,NE-C105-D,NE-C105-E,NE-C105-EO, NE-C105-UK,NE-C28P-D, NE-C28P-E, NE-C28P-UK, NE-C300-D, NE-C300-E, NE-C300-UK, NE-C301-D, NE-C301-E, NE-C301-UK,NE-C303K-KDD,NE-C303K-KDE, NE-C303K-KDITA, NE-C801S-KDE(V), NE-C801S-KDUK, NE-C801S-E(V), NE-C801S-UK(V), NE-C803-E, NE-C803-UK,NE-C900-E,NE-U100-E,NE-U780-EHWZ-1000T-E

Nebuliser accessories
3027804-0 (6984656-9), 9101280-9 (NEB-AC-10E), 9101281-7 (NEB-AC-10UK), 9101282-5 (NEB-BTL-10E), 9101283-3 (NEB-MC-10E), 9101284-1 (NEB-MSA-10E), 9515573-6 (NEB-NSET3-90E), 9518216-4 (091306G), 9520250-5 (NEB-MSSP-E), 9956269-7 (NEB-TSC-L10E), 9956273-5 (NEB-MP-E), 9956274-3 (NEB-NP-E), 9956275-1 (NEB-MSLP-E), 9956276-0 (NEB-MSMP-E), 9956281-6 (NEB-MSSS-E), 9956312-0 (NEB-MSLS-E), 9956628-5 (NE-C30-AC-E), NEB7000

Pain relievers
HV-F021-ESL, HV-F021-EW, HV-F311-E, HV-F311-UK, HV-F013-E

Pain reliever accessories
4928818-7 (HV-LLPAD-E), 6601625-5 (HV-PAD-3E)

Scales and body composition monitors
HBF-212-EW, HBF-214-EBW, HBF-222T-EBK, HBF-508-E, HBF-511B-E, HBF-511T-E, HN-286-E, HN-288-E, HN-289-EB, HN-289-EBK, HN-289-EPK, HN-289-ESL

MC-280B-20,MC-520-E, MC-521-E, MC-720-E

Thermometer accessories

Activity monitors
HJ-320-E, HJ-321-E, HJ-325-EB, HJ-325-EBK, HJ-325-EW

AC-009-UA-C, AC-019-NUA-A, HEM-7530T-E3